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About’s aim is to share the best travel content from around the web. It’s been founded by the editor of, Paul Dow.

You can receive a weekly update of the most popular shared travel articles for the week by clicking the link below.

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There is a great, active and passionate community of travel bloggers and journalists online that are creating some amazing content. It’s our aim to help the community to share the very best travel content that’s on offer.

Please share the site with your friends, the more engagement we get the more useful the site will be.


People often find it difficult to find great travel blogs and articles when researching a destination, we hope that World Travelist will offer a place to discover that content.


If you have a Twitter account you can sign up to Once signed up you can share and up vote your favourite travel articles. Top contributors on the site are ranked based on Kudos points they receive from interacting with the site.

Please do follow the site’s guidelines, no one likes spammers and time wasters, we will ban those that do not play by the rules.’s simple goal is to share the best travel content on the web.


We categorise articles into region, country and place/city so that when users need to find content about where they are heading, it should be a straight forward process.


Sharing is a simple process. Sign up using your Twitter account and click “Share”, add a URL and the site will find a title and image for you. Add the correct country, city/place and categories then click “share”. You’ll find new shares under “Incoming”.

Share an Article

Bookmarklet offers a bookmarklet button that you can drag and drop onto your browsers toolbar. You can share travel articles when you’re browsing the web by clicking on the bookmarklet. You’ll find the bookmarklet on the share box , drag and drop to your toolbar, then browse and share… Give it a try.

Up voting

Up Vote

If you find interesting or great content on the site you can up vote it by clicking on the number on the left hand side. You can only vote once per article. For the very best content to float to the top we need your up votes, so don’t be shy if you like an article give it an up vote.


If you really like a particular article you can leave a comment or start a discussion, simply click on “Discuss” or the number of comments under the article title.



The homepage displays content from across all countries to give an insight into overall activity, what’s trending, what’s popular and what’s new.

By default you’ll see “trending” articles on the home page. These are articles that have been recently up voted or commented on.

On the right hand side you’ll have the option to filter by “popular”, these are those articles with the most up votes.

Incoming displays the latest articles that have been shared. Think of it as the newest articles.

This pattern is the same across region and country pages (city pages will be added when there is enough content).